Building a food Website is something I’ve been planning to get around to do for quite a few years but didn’t really know how or where to start. After all, I am not a cookery writer and not good with technology but a keen home-cook who wants to share the recipes I love to cook with anyone who’s interested.  I see this as an on-going project because I learn new recipes and ideas every day, so I will never really stop adding to my collection and of course it is a great way to store my recipes, my own personal online cookbook.

I intend sharing everything I enjoy eating and cooking, from home made pickles, chutneys and jams to curries, dips, pies and puddings. Healthy, not so healthy, fast and easy, slow roast meats, breakfasts, buffets, soups and suppers, so just about everything.


What I didn’t take into consideration when deciding the time is right to start my website, is that a lot  of the recipes I cook I’ve done over and over again and just know how to do them. So when it came down to telling you how to do it, I realised that I can’t just say a handful of this and a glug of that, but need to start measuring the quantities in order for me to tell you accurately! I also just make things up as I go along and then when it’s really nice and want to cook it again I find I can’t remember it. If you’re the same, get your laptop, iPad or pen and pad in the kitchen so you can jot as you go and that your culinary masterpieces can be done over and over again and shared for others to enjoy. I am going to practice what I preach and do exactly that!


I believe that cooking good, tasty food should be something that everyone can do if they have the interest and there is no great mystery behind it. If you can read a recipe, have good ingredients and have a timer, then you CAN do it. You’re probably here because you like the look of one of my recipes and if you enjoy making and eating even just one of my recipes, then that makes me happy.


In our busy, hectic lives, grabbing food on the go or ordering a takeaway for convenience that more often than not, will lead to us making unhealthy decisions about what we eat. Calorie laden curries, French fries, burgers, Chinese and chippy meals are absolutely fine for a special treat but on a regular basis is bad for our health and our pockets.  Shop bought, ready meals that we can ping in the microwave often contain all sorts of hidden sugar salt and fat and really don’t have a patch on the flavour of home cooked food. Getting into the habit of planning your meals ahead can really change the way you eat, make you feel and look better and save you money. Look out for quick after work recipes and alternative take away ideas.


I don’t cook elaborate food every day of the week by any means. What I try to do is get a good balance and variety of foods so none of us get bored.

I just love cooking, whether it be for my family or a dinner party. I never worry about using butter and cream and other ingredients considered ‘bad for you’, I just don’t do it every day. It’s all about balance.


I’ve always loved reading cookery books and started collecting Prue Leith’s ‘Cooking with Confidence’ weekly recipe magazines back in the late 80’s. They are some of the first cookery books I ever bought and now I’m afraid cookery books are a complete obsession. I’ve just had another book case built in my dining room to accommodate my latest collection!


It is only more recently, over the last ten years that we have been able to afford to eat out more regularly. I’m not talking about high end Michelin Star establishments (although I have been lucky enough to eat at a few) but more pub food and family restaurants. But it’s since then that I have become more disheartened by the quality of food that we are being served. It is rare to go for a pub or even a restaurant meal and get something served to you that is cooked from scratch with pride and care and sadly, all too often mass produced and re-heated.

We are so lucky to have all the culinary information we could ever need at our fingertips, we can access recipes from the best chefs in the world and make fantastic food, sourced from supermarkets and specialist stores which are stocked with all kinds of incredible ingredients, spices and herbs.

The culinary world is our oyster!